So Brisbane has a holiday/event called RiverFire once a year where they have a big fire worlds display on the river. Greg (P’s boss) and his wife Diana invited us over for a RiverFire party this past Saturday night. They live in a highrise on the river so the view is amazing. It was a nice party, they made excellent food and we meet a lot of friendly folks from all over. Actually a surprising bit of them were from NC… strange.  Also surprising is that half the men there were named Dan…

Anyway, the fireworks were awesome. It started off with an F111 doing the thing were it lets some fuel out and then lights it on fire w/ the afterburners.. so it looks like a giant comet of fire flying behind the plane. Pretty cool. Then we all sat out on the balcony and watched the show. It was awesome being as high as the fireworks.  My camera work sucked but here are a few:

Afterwards we went down and walked along the riverwalk and had coffee. It was nice 🙂

I think the River Festival goes on for a week or something. Today they had a little thing on a pedestrian bridge where they were having a free BBQ. So today we went down and did that and then went and saw “Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden”. Its from Morgan Spurlock who did Supersize Me and the 30 Days Show.   He’s the guy we met at the airport below. It was a pretty damn good movie, i’d recommend it.



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