The Job Hunt

Well I guess i should try to update this often so I can remember what we do when talking to the family back home. So lets see…

I’m still on the job hunt here. My background is as an electrical/computer engineer in the semiconductor industry. Unfortunatley there is zero semiconductor industry here in Brisbane. When I talk to recruiters they seem to think that EE means I do either power or construction work (which there is plenty of around here). If i mention the word “computer” they switch to IT mode and ask about my Windows and web dev skills. Its funny, but not. For fun I applied for a job as a web dev for a department at the University of Queensland where Priscilla works. I’m pretty darn unqualified and I don’t even really want to do it.. but it’d be a job for now and i’m sure i could figure it out.

So I’m pursing the controls avenue of EE which is what i focused on in school and am most interested. It seems tough to break into though without experience. One big company in the area said they’re not hiring, but the CEO said I could call him up and chat. I just did, but he wasn’t there so i’ll try later. Thats good of him and hopefully i can learn a thing or two.

So yeh, I spend a lot of the day on the computer hunting for jobs, cleaning, and running errands.

Last night we went out to eat at a Spanish tapas restaurant. The food was great and the sangria even better. Its right across the street so we’ll surely be back.

We normally aren’t into and haven’t rented a stupid-funny movie in years, but we rented “Walk Hard” a week or so ago. It was pretty damn funny in parts. Especially the part w/ the Beatles. So that encouraged us so we rented “Semi-Pro” last night. It was so retarded we didnt even finish it. So much for that i guess.

Its strange to me to be writing a blog and telling people this crap. I’m not a blogger (or am i?), but my friend Joe says they rule. I’m pretty sure thats all he did/does at work.

AH HA! the CEO guys just called me back and we chatted for a bit. I got an interview for tomorrow. woot!



3 responses to “The Job Hunt

  1. hmm…. you might have misinterpreted what i was saying about bloggers….

  2. Did you have any luck with the job hunt? Curious because my fiance may need to relocate and one of the options may be Brisbane (but I’m in electronics).

  3. No luck as of yet, I’m afraid. Brisbane isn’t a real techie sort of town I’m finding.

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