Another RAINY day in Brisbane?

The weather has taken a turn. Its now the second day of continuous pretty heavy rain. Brisbane is under a bit of a drought so I guess thats a good thing. Fortunately its supposed to clear up this afternoon for a nice fine weekend.

So yesterday I had my interview. I guess it was more of a chitchat than a formal interview. He never had a position open, I just liked the company and got in contact with him, the CEO.  I was optimistic though that after the phone conversation he wanted to talk in person. It went well, but in the end he basically said that he’d be interested in going further with interviews, but at the time there really isn’t an opening and he probably shouldn’t just shoehorn me in. He did say he’d pass my info around and talk to the other management to see what they think. *shrug*

The good news, though, is that he gave me a contact of his who started up a company a couple years ago designing and building autonymous farm equipment. That sounds awesome to me. i guess it’d be like a Roomba for a wheat field.  So I’m waiting to hear back from that guy.

Last night it was cold and P came home from work soaking wet after a long day so we got take out and stayed in and watched a movie. We saw “Into the Wild”. For some reason I never thought it’d be that great so i’ve been putting it off, but it turned out to be a good movie. So I’d put that on the recommend list as well.

It turns out my brother hasn’t fallen off the planet after all, he’s just been super busy with dental school. His forte isn’t e-communication. It sounds like a really rigorous program and its requiring some pretty serious dedication. The good news is that he did well on his first test and he’s staying on top of things. Its also good that he finallly shipped out my PS3 and camera. I’m going through Call of Duty withdrawl and i’ll be pissed if i get a job before the PS3 gets here. 

My mission for the day is to go to the mall and return some stuff and maybe find P a new backpack. We got one the other day but its proving to be too small for all the junk she brings to work and back every day. The rain looks to be letting up so that’d be helpful. Its about a 12 min walk to the mall downtown.

I’m not sure what we’re doing tonight, but tomorrow we’re going to the zoo. Its the Steve Irwin Foundation Australian Zoo. Should be fun.



2 responses to “Another RAINY day in Brisbane?

  1. so when did you decide you wanted a Macbook Pro?

  2. Hey Dan-o, keep it up. I like this!

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