Australia Zoo

So the Saturday before last, we decided to check out the Australia Zoo. This is the zoo Steve Irwin created and setup. The zoo features almost entirely Australian wildlife and is designed to be “hands on”. The motto there is “If you interract with the animals, you’ll love the animals, and you’ll protect the animals” or something like that.


We saw some cool animals like otters, tazmanian devils, crocs, strange giant ostrich-like birds with blue heads [cassowary], echidnas, koalas, foxes, camels, and kangaroos. And there was also a kid’s petting zoo (P’s favorite) with baby cows, pigs, and goats. There were some six week old piglets there that were pretty cute (Dan’s favorite).

We did the usual zoo thing wandering around when it was finally time to go to the kangaroo area.  We went in through a giant double gated entrance and stopped… there was a kangaroo like right there! No fence or ditch or anything. No one else was around and we weren’t sure what to do. Are they nice? Do they punch people? Are we supposed to try and touch them? It was basically a really big area, a few acres, or open grass and trees and hills with a river winding through it. And all around were kangaroos hanging around. Interesting. So we decided to sneak up to the kangaroo and try to touch it. Priscilla slowly krept up talking to it softly, etc and finally worked up the courage to touch it. It didnt even flinch. So she worked her way up to petting it and it turns out it was pretty laid back and friendly so I went over and petted it to. Cool.

Then we noticed over on the next hill that there were like 2 toddler kids yelling and running up to a kangaroo. He didnt budge. They petting him and poked him, etc and he didn’t seem phased a bit. So apparently this is the norm and we weren’t Kangaroo whisperers after all. 

So we wandered around petting various kangaroos and watched them walk and hop around. Then we came across an ‘safe area’ where the kangaroos can go hang out and people can’t go. There we saw a few kangaroos with joeys! It was funny because they were just laying around w/ two little back legs sticking out of their pouches. Finally after some waiting we got so see a joey hop out and playing around for a bit. Then the mom stood up which must have been the signal to hop back in because the joey just hopped and dove right into the pouch. Not gentle at all. Ha. 

We have a lot more pics of all the animals and I’ll add them as a gallery in this post later on.



3 responses to “Australia Zoo

  1. so is there a Steve Irwin memorial or anything there?

  2. I’m curious as well, did they put up a memorial of Steve Irwin?

    Like all things though, I’m fear the Zoo might go down hill since the creator died. I have seen it happen with so many places. For example, Walt Disney. Since Walt passed on, the place and the movies they produce haven’t really been the same. It is like no one can duplicate the creative spark held within the individual that created the original.

    – Sara, World Zoo Today

  3. Yeh, there were a few statues. There wasn’t like one big single memorial that we saw, the whole zoo was sort of one. With statues and/or pics of him here and there. During the croc feeding we saw in the little stadium, they showed a 5min. or so video montage of him and explained his efforts in spreading conservational awareness, etc. So he was all over.

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