So Sunday was my birthday and I’m now officially a quarter of a century.  I’m not going to say how depressing that is (because I think everyone who reads this is older than me, ha!) but it’s really freakin depressing. 

Went shopping in the morning to buy more shoes that I didn’t need and then when I came back Dan and I went to The Powerhouse, which is a little local music venue about 15 minutes from here.  We went a few weeks ago with my boss and his wife and saw 2 local bands.  One had a girl singer and the other was a punkier rock guy.  They were both OK but not very memorable since that’s all I remember about them.  This week we saw a band whose lead singer was reeeally similar to James Blunt (much to Dan’s dismay) but I thought he was pretty good.  Kinda sappy but nice.  The second band had a female singer who played keys and cello, as well as 2 other cello player.   It was pretty cool and was interesting to watch but it got kind of old after a while.  I guess I just lose interest in bands quickly.  I like to switch around and not listen to the same thing for very long.

Then it was present time.  But first a little backstory.  So there’s a department store downtown that’s pretty upscaple called David Jones.  It’s probably similar to a Saks or Lord and Taylor in the US.  Well they have lots of big designer labels and the first time I went there I saw these shoes…

and thought they were absolutely ridiculous but totally adorable at the same time.  I thought it might be funny to get them just for the hell of it.  Until I turned them over and saw the price.  $550.  Marc Jacobs.  Riiiiight.  So I put them down, gently, and backed away.  Next time Dan and I were in the store I showed them to him and said I really wanted them.  He just laughed.  And the next time we were in there I showed them to him again and said I really wanted them.  He laughed again.  Repeat probably about 8 times.

Ok back to the presents.  There were two and one of them was in a box that was very similar in shape to a shoe box.  Hmm.  I opened it and recognized the box as one I already had.  Bummer, they’re not the mouse shoes.  Then I opened it…

BAHAHAH! Dan made me mouse shoe knock-offs!  How impressive is that?!  He said he spent ages figuring out how to make the ears and getting the whiskers on right and glueing on the eyes.  Total price- $20.

Thanks babers.  Maybe one of these days I’ll be brave enough to wear them outside.  🙂

We had dinner at a fancy restaurant just on the corner of our street.  The menu was a bit…exotic.  It had a lot of things that I didn’t really want to eat (rabbit, quail, buffalo, venison, snails) but I finally decided on venison and Dan got buffalo.  They were both really good as long as you didn’t think about what you were eating.  This was probably the first really good meal we’ve had since moving here.  The food here is surprisingly bad and I don’t know if it’s that we’re just not used to it or what, but even our friends from the US agree.  We’ve probably been eating kangaroo without realizing it (another thing I don’t want to try).



2 responses to “Birthday!

  1. I really like the mouse shoes. Good job, Dan! I sent you the beauty cosmetics you ordered and Tricia sent me a lovely card! Your feet look vitamin deficient! Are you getting enough to eat? Can you drink the water over there? Are the natives friendly? What language do they speak?


    Dan, you are turning into Martha Stewart…well except for the insider trading =)

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