Weekend Update

Friday we went across the street and had sushi at Sushi Station.  Its the kind of place where the conveyor belt (in this case a little toy train) with sushi on it goes around the bar and you grab what you want. Thats fun. Then we went downtown to Borders to try and find a cooking book. Not a recipe book, but a “how to cook, cooking technique” sort of book. I think I’m lacking in some fundamentals… I found the perfect book, but it turned out to be a $205 culinary textbook.  So the hunt continues.

Saturday day we didn’t do much. P went downtown shopping while I slaved away cleaning at home. Just kidding, I probably didn’t do anything of measurable importance. 🙂 She bought shoes.  Later on we went down to James St. (cool nicer/artsy/bistro/shoppy sort of place a block from our apartment) and ate dinner at a bistro there. My food was good, but P’s was kinda cold and not so good. Service really is hit or miss around here and more often than not a miss. So then we went next store to an indie film theater and saw a movie called Waltz with Bishar. It was an animated, but intense, movie about the Sabra and Shatila massacre during the Lebanese Civil War in the early ’80s.  I knew absolutely nothing about this before the movie, but the movie was effective I guess in that P and I went home and read up on the war. Feel free to click the links for more info. I just tried to write it all out, but it got pretty messy. It basically boils down to the same old story, Religion A attempting to erradicate Religion B. 

Sunday I bought a new digital SLR camera (little Nikon D40) thanks to a great sale, the exchange rate, and me selling the brand new camera that Canon was nice enough to give me for free. (When I sent in my five year old camera for a recall repair, they sent me a new better/newer model one.  Thanks, Canon!)  So now I have a basic, albeit real deal digital SLR. Let’s just say photography isn’t as easy as it looks, but I’m working on it. After picking it up and running a few errands in the morning we picked up some Subway (they don’t have chips at Subway here, wtf?) and headed to the gardens to have a picnic and take some pics. It was a perfect day and it was great to sit and relax outside like that. We need to do that more often.  Here are a few pics we took that day:

Definitely room for improvement! It’ll be fun to see how/if I can progress.



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