A Wild Weekend Update

Let’s see… On Friday Priscilla had a meeting at a hospital downtown and got out early so I walked down and met her there. We were planning on going camping this weekend so we went by BigW (Walmart) to grab a couple things and walk around. Unfortunately it turned out that this is a 3 day weekend for school kids and the rental car places were charging double. We were also advised it might not be the best weekend for camping due to the crowds so decided to postpone it. We have plans for this coming weekend so maybe we can go the weekend after. Hopefully it won’t be too hot, its starting to warm up here.

That night we went out to a nice fish and chips restaurant. It was all really good except i had a very strange salad. No joke it was pure cilantro and mint leaves. I couldn’t it eat it.  They had lots of different kinds of fresh fish and seafood though and you basically chose a fish, how to cook/fry it, a sauce, sides, etc.  

The next day was another Saturday of shopping. This time i had to go because P said i need new shirts cuz i wear the same one every day. gah. So i had to spend my increasingly scarse dollars on stupid shirts. 🙂

That evening we decided we’d go out so we made dinner at home to save money for beer. We went down the street to an outdoor market area where there are outdoor bars and cafes and a few clubs. We sat outside and proceeded to drink more than a few. Then Priscilla got all clubby on me and made me go clubbing with her. haha It wasn’t so bad i guess and we were having fun.

Things were a little hazing but i remember this dude giving me pissed off dirty looks. I have/had no idea what his deal was but he was angry about something. Priscilla said that she thinks she might have pushed him to get by and he thought it was me or something, but who knows. So he gets all up in my face and i just play along w/ the staredown thinking “is this dude for real?” in my head. He looks away, stare down victory! and off i go. But then somehow he got all worked up again and pushed me outta nowhere! I’m just like dude, wtf,  you need to get outta here. I’m like just walk, man.  So then he pushes and drives me back pretty hard into the crowd and people start to take notice. He comes rushing at me again so i guess its time to do something. WHAM! i punch him square in the nose. It was a beaut, blood everywhere. It crunched pretty good. He backs up and there is blood all over his face and shirt and on my pants and my arm.  Pretty gross. So he’s real pissed and rushes me again like a bull.  Fortunatley i watch a little UFC and have studied the fine art of watching take down defense on TV. I got my underhooks in and after a short struggle I flipped him over and threw him on the ground and put a knee in his gut to hold him down. I then put my hands up and got off him. I disctinctly remember one guy in the crowd giving me a thumbs up. hah it was so awesome. So then we’re like, we better run! So we took off, ran out and down the street. I didn’t look back, but P did and she said she saw the bouncers walking him outside holding his nose, etc. He was all bloody, i bet i broke his nose.

I didn’t get touched except for a couple scratches and blood on my clothes. Well i did sort of hurt my hand from punching him and it was swollen up the next day, but its fine today. So i sum it up as one of those hostile trouble maker types starting shit and then getting his ass wooped for it. Everybody who knows me knows i’m not a tough guy, but its all changed now.  I am now DAN THE ANNIHILATING BRINGER OF MAYEM!

We spent the next day taking pictures of flowers in the park…




4 responses to “A Wild Weekend Update

  1. Hmmm. . . flowers in the park. That’s the Dan I raised – a lover not a fighter. Dad may have different input. Now you have a good excuse when P wnats to go dancing – it’s dangerous.

  2. Ha, holy crap dude, that’s awesome! How many people did you beat when you lived in America? You’ve only been in Australia for 2 months, and you’ve already taken out one Aussie? Pretty damned good!

  3. I already had a bit of a man crush on you anyway. I’ve always wanted to break some punks nose like that, though I usually just prefer to take my anger out on innocent people on message boards.

    Btw. Having a hard time understand the “take down defense” part. Did you lock him up when he came at you, ie, you closed the distance so he couldn’t throw a connecting blow? Maybe you found your true calling.

  4. http://www.jacklondons.net/apieceofsteak.html

    Dan, you may have found your calling! Take a look at this short story by Jack London. It’s even set in Australia.

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