Its Been a Month!

So its been a bit, about a month actually.  I guess the novelty of blogging is wearing off. But we’ve done a few things since the last update so updated you shall become.

Lets see. The Thursday after the “Wild Weekend” we met our friends Whitney and Aaron for Sushi at South Bank. That’s a strip across the river from us that has some cafes on the river, a little beach, some forests to walk through, and an ampitheater. Further down is the QPAC which is the big theater in Brisbane. W&A are Americans who we met through Julie while she was here. They lived in Texas and San Francisco and are cool folks.

The next day our friend Lizzy (a real Australian, woot!) invited us to her house for a party. It was a lot of fun and we met a lot of her friends. They were all good folks and we had a fun time. We grilled some food, got fairly drunk, got into some friendly discussion on American politics, and all was merry. There was even some dancing that was unlikely to be remembered.

The following weekend we had dinner at Whitney and Aaron’s. Whitney made a baked chicken dinner that was good. It reminded us that we need to do something here for Thanksgiving. We’ll probably get together with some people and make our own Thanksgiving in Australia.  After dinner we played some pretty serious Wii. Easy its not, I lost most of the games. 😦

Last weekend we rented a car and drove up to Redcliffe which is basically a small beach/fishing town in Moreton Bay (home of the bay bug!).  It was kind of small and boring, but the weather was great and we just sort of hung around the beach and the piers. I took my camera and got some pretty good pics. I’ll add them to this post later.  We also had a really great dinner right on a fishing marina. I of course got the “bay bugs”.

Bay Bug!

Bay Bug!

Yum! Its basically a lobster with no claws. and yeh, those are the eyes on the far front outsides of the head. You just eat the tail like a lobster tail. They’re pretty good. I took a pic of my dinner plate and i’ll add it soon. Priscilla had a combo platter that was great as well. Everything was caught fresh that day.

Oh and renting the car was fun, too. So this is the second time i’ve driven a right hand drive car on the “wrong” side of the road. It got a lot easier this time and by the time we got home I was pretty used to it. Its crazy, but seeing US roads on TV now almost seems wrong!

Sometime in the past few weeks we also went to the Power House a couple times and went to a BBQ that Whitney and Aaron had. They went to a brewery where you bottle you own beer and they got a batch of 150 beers. The BBQ was to help them drink it all. It wasn’t half bad!

Oh and I’m writing this on my spiffy new Macbook Pro. Yep, “I’m a Mac” now. A major new revision just came out so i picked up a clearanced old model. Luckily the new changes are mostly superficial so this baby still runs quite nicely. I just realized that this is the first computer i’ve ever bought in my life. Wow. I’ve always had either family computers or computers that I’ve built with random upgraded parts every couple years.

Well so the whole Mac thing is going pretty well. I can choose to boot up into Windows XP if i want so i can still access Windows if need be. But really, i haven’t found a good reason to yet. It runs great, is really stable, and has some really smart and useful features. I can run a Windows XP virtual machine (VMWare Fusion) inside of MacOSX that runs faster than our old native Windows laptop. muhaha.  Maybe I’ll make a post just on this later.

This coming Thursday I’m flying to Melbourne for a job interview at Bosch. Its for an Application Engineer job in the Vehicle Chassis Division. The job is working with ABS, Traction Control, and Electronic Stability Systems on new cars. Part of the job is test driving! The job description actually requires high performance driving experience. The job is PERFECT for me. I don’t want to get all excited and jinx myself so i’ll leave it at that for now.

We have friends from college in Melbourne so I’ll be checking in with them Friday night for Halloween. It’ll be good to see them again and it’ll be fun to see the city. I hear its really really nice.



2 responses to “Its Been a Month!

  1. New Mac and maybe a good job…..
    life is perfect, eh?

  2. Its not bad, my friend, but I’m certainly not counting any chickens before they hatch jobwise.

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