Party at Our Place!

This past weekend we had a little party at our apartment with all our new Aussie (and some American and German) friends. A lot of these guys had never played beer pong so we thought we’d bring that out. It was fun, but of course P and I failed by losing to the noobs. In our hayday we won NINE games in a row! Its all over now.

We listened to some music, some people danced, Dan (our friend, not me) dressed up as an impromptu pirate, and Priscilla had a different drink in each hand until she passed out. There were olives in noses, spilt beers, made up mixed drinks, goofy dancing, and the meeting of our neighbors. That sort of led to the management coming and busting our party for being too loud. Wups, not really used to apartment life I guess.

It was a great time and we’ll definitely miss our Brisbane friends if we move to Melbourne. But I’m sure we’ll keep in touch though. I have a lot of pics from the party on Flickr you can access by clicking the feed pics on the right. That’ll take you to the whole gallery. I’m still working on more elegant way of using flickr galleries in here, but that’ll work for now. But really, click em, because some are really funny.

Speaking of Melbourne it seems as though my application at Bosch is moving along. They’ve checked my references and now I have to have a Medical Assessment. This is because I’ll be driving cars in anger and such and need to be healthy. So I hope this means that I’m close. dum dum dum… I’m cautiously optimistic.

I can’t believe its mid November. P and I’s seasonal clocks are seriously screwed up. We moved here as the NC summer was ending just in time for the beginning of a new summer here. It really messes with your head. I almost surprised everytime i step outside that its hot out. It should be cold! At least we’ll have a cold Christmas when we go back home for a bit in December.


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