SeaWorld and the Beach

Last weekend P and I decided to rent a car and drive down to the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is famous for its beaches, but there is also a SeaWorld there. So of course P insisted we go and see the dolphins. 🙂

It was nice. We saw the dolphins and other animals sea animals. They had the shark tank aquarium, sea lions, some pelicans, i dunno that sort of stuff. We also rode a couple roller coasters, and watched some shows. There is a gallery uploaded to flickr that you can see to the right. We also go to watch some little kids doing their ‘swim with the dolphins’ thing. There were only a few people around so i was cool to watch the trainers, kids, and dolphins interact outside of a big show. The kids had fun and the dolphins seemed to be sort of patient and good with the kids. They reminded us of our dog Madi. 🙂  It wasn’t super huge so we were done after five hours or so.

Here’s a link to our flickr SeaWorld gallery.

We still had a few hours of daylight so we went down the coast a bit to Surfer’s Paradise which is a popular beach and city/town. We for whatever reason didn’t bring bathing suits so we ran through the city a bit and found some. Then rushed to the beach. It was a pretty nice beach, but the waves were pretty wild. The lifeguards had only a small area bouy’ed off to swim in so it was pretty packed with people. The water was nice, but waves were quite big. We got sucked under, thrashed around, and spat out near the shore a few times. It was fun though and you could body surf really well. There were so many people though that people were running into each other a lot.  So that wore us out after a short bit and then we laid on the beach for awhile. It was nice.

This has been a crappy post, but i figure a quick something is better than nothing.


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