Wow are we behind…

It’s been about six weeks since we’ve updated this thing and a lot has happened. Ill summarize in this post and I’ll elaborate in later posts. Or maybe we’ll just see how it goes.

Since the the last post on the Koala Sanctuary we’ve been pretty busy:

House Boat Extravaganza! Our nice friends Josh and Beck in Brisbane invited us on their house boat trip. I think it was four days and three nights on a boat off the Gold Coast. It was quite awesome. We putted around the water, jumped off the boat and swam, fished a little, sat in the sun, read, relaxed, partied, drank too much, etc, etc. Very nice time. Check out some pics here.

Frasure Island.  The weekend after the house boat trip, P and I went camping with our friends Loche and Rebi. We went to Frasure Island which is a large natural island off the coast and a bit north of Brisbane. The island can only be accessed via ferries and only 4x4s are worthy of traversing the wild-at-times terrain. There are no paved roads on the island so be the best way to get around is to wait for low tide and cruise down the shoreline. You can go quite fast, almost like a highway, but even at these speeds it takes several hours to get from the southern end to the northern tip. All access inland is via very soft and bumpy off road trails. They definitely require a proper four wheel drive and a little know-how. The beaches were fantastic, as long as the eye can see, bright blue, soft light sand everywhere. We were on the sea facing side of the island and the surfs were pretty intense at time. Inland is a rain forest with several fresh water lake. Lake McKenzie is a famous freshwater lake with crystal clear blue water. It was pretty crowded when we went, but fortunately we found another lesser known lake that was just as nice and we practically had it to ourselves. On the way out we had to travel for a few hours along the beach at low tide just like we came in. Except this time we somehow miscalculated beause the tide was coming in fast on us. Its very dangerous to get caugh in a tide because the water will wash the sand out from under the car very very fast and you’ll be sunk up to your bumps in seconds. So it was a pretty mad dash out of there, splashing through waves, driving as fast as we could, flying over bumps, etc. But luckily we made it just in time and lived to tell the tale. Another fun bit is that Rebi is Swiss so Priscilla got to jibber jabber in Swiss with her all trip long. P doesn’t get to practice to often with people other than her Mom so she had a lot of fun. I’m sure they’ll stay in touch. In fact, Rebi is in Melbourne now in school so we’ll get together if/when we move down there. Here are more pics from the trip.

Before we left Lizzi arranged a nice going away dinner for us at a Chinese place in the valley. It was great! Many thanks to Lizzi who’s been such a great friend to us.

Let’s see… So then we flew back to the US to see our families for the holidays. P and I flew together to LAX and then we each flew to our family’s cities to stay for xmas. I flew into RDU and stayed with my brother and his fiancee in Chapel Hill for a bit and then to Goldsboro where my folks live. P went to Ottawa with her family to see their relatives for xmas and then went home to Fairfax. P’s driving down to Goldsboro and should be here tomorrow to stay for the week so that’ll be nice. I have some excellent Goldsboro day trips planned for us. 🙂 Yes, one is going to the SuperWalmart at 2am.

Since we’re both unemployed, our plan now is to stay in the US until one of us lands a job somewhere. I’m still working on the Bosch job in Melbourne. Theyre on a hiring freeze and are trying to add head count to hire me. So have a tentative verbal offer from them, but that doesn’t really mean much. We’re hoping to work things out in mid Feb. If that goes as planned, P and I will then move to Melbourne which would be very awesome. However, we need plan Bs so we’re also applying for jobs in other places we’d like to live like Boston and maybe Colorado somewhere.

Speaking of Boston, I went up there for a week last week to visit PJ for New Year’s. It was awesome. I hadn’t been to Boston before and its a really cool city. I liked the hole-in-the-wall pubs, the history, the architecture, the people, etc. Really nice. While i was up we went to a few parties, went to a few bars (including a sing-a-long piano bar), toured the Science Museum, site saw, etc. We went to the oldest restaurant in the US, the Old Union Oyster Bar. It first opened in 1826 and is still going today famous for their chowder. I must say a beer and a nice clam chowder on a freezing cold day was perfect! I think that even though the cold sucks, it makes everything else better. Like coming home from the cold is better than just coming home. Eating a nice dinner after being out in the cold is even better. Drinking beer is twice as nice when its cold out. Here are some pics. I’m still adding more as i process them.


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